CRAZEE OF THE MONTH: Zenaida Landeros

July 18, 2018

Crazy Venture: Flight Adventure (Today’s Inspired Latina Volume 4 Book Launch)


Hometown: Moline, Illinois


Occupation:  Associate Executive Director, Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



Zenaida’s Three Words To Describe Her Trip:

Crazy, Genuine, Life­ Changing!


Heard about it from...

Karen! We are both authors and book sisters in Today’s Inspired Latina Volume 4


Reason for getting “Crazy”

I wanted to experience something outside my comfort zone and connect with like­minded individuals. I was one of many authors in Today’s Inspired Latina Volume 4 who took part in the book launch the night before. The book is the latest in a series which compiles inspiring, success stories of strong and talented Latinas in their own words. Crazy Ventures, in cahoots with Today’s Inspired Latina publisher Jackie Camacho­Ruiz, planned the flight adventure for some of the authors. They rented out a small airport, and everyone got to ride in one of the four sport airplanes available that day.


Before getting “Crazy”  

The experience of flying in a small plane seemed a little crazy but once my adrenaline kicked in and we were in the air, the view relaxed and stunned me. It was more amazing than I could have imagined.


After getting “Crazy”  

The flight took place in my home state and over an interstate that I frequently drive on­­it was amazing to experience the beauty from a different view and literally opened my eyes to a different perspective.


This trip help me see things differently in my personal and business life­­it has made me think twice about things that I didn’t think were for someone like me. It’s made me say yes to more experiences.

The planes were all ready and waiting for us at the airport.




After...The Crazy Flyers (left to right) Jackie Camacho­Ruiz, Zenaida Landeros, Ivys Ramirez, Gloria Romo, Veronica Sosa and Karen O’Donnell.


Zenaida's aunt Ana María and her mom María Soledad came to cheer her on as she embarked on her very first Crazy Venture!


Everything looks different from 3,500 feet!


The ordinary becomes extraordinary! It was a 20 minute trip from Aurora, IL to Rochelle, IL where we arrived at the airport there and had lunch at the Flight Deck restaurant.


The bar and grill was a true crazy venturer’s destination for a good meal because it’s attached to a skydiving center for great spectating! We had an amazing time and may have even planted a pilot seed or two in some of the spectators.


What adventure can you go on that will help you live a bigger, bolder life?


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