Ride for the Phoenix

Daily update of our coast to coast bike ride: The journey from Astoria, Oregon to Portland, Maine

The students of North Lawndale College Prep ask questions about leadership!

Daniel Moshe 

Tech Guru

What drives you to keep chasing after what you want?

Asked by: Shauntavia Kizer

Mark O'Donnell 

Success Coach

How do you stay open-minded in situations that make you uncomfortable or that you're not used to?

Asked by: Makayla Mcghee

Karen O'Donnell 

Crazy Ventures

Will life be any easier when you are surrounded by goal-oriented people?

Asked by: Jordan Atwater

Blair Ritchey

International Student Foundation

How does learning from your mistakes better yourself for the future?

Asked by: Dwayne Scott


Donnie Boivin

Success Champion

How does a boss handle an unsatisfied employee? How can an employee bring issues up with a supervisor in a productive way?

Asked by: Brandy Stonewall

Jacqueline Camacho

JJR Marketing

How do you determine if the relationship you develop with others is productive and will benefit you?

Asked by: Tommesha Davis

Suellen Wolk

North Lawndale College Prep High School

How do you express what you love to do? What steps do you take to pursue that passion?

Asked by: Kierra Hodges

Deidra Cunningham

BT Furnishings

What are some good tools to use and solve problems effectively?

Asked by: Day'Ja Dunning

Jason Smith

Carrington Group

How can you best set high expectations for those under your care?

Asked by: Jeneca Jones

Sunny Sheu

BT Furnishings

How do you accept criticism without getting offended?

Asked by: Lisa James

Jonathan King

Lean Leaders

How do you push yourself to succeed without pushing yourself too far?

Asked by: Timara Wade

Scott Levy

Result Maps

How do you find people in your respective disciplines or other disciplines to help coach and guide you?

Asked by: Lucas McShane

Joanne Meloro

Success Coach

What is a large 5 year goal you have in place and how do you break that down into yearly goals?

Asked by: Lucas McShane

Rusty Williamson

X/15 Livestock Marketing

How do you push yourself to succeed without pushing yourself too far?

Asked by: Timara Wade

Dan Zawacki

EOS Implementer

How do you work with people with different lifestyles or religions? 

Asked by: Kay Griffin

Ride for the Phoenix!

Cross Country Bike Ride from Astoria, Oregon to Portland, Maine


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